Sowing Seeds & Pricking Out

I will at some point create my own videos about how to do all this stuff (!) – but for  now please think of me as a content curator as I share with you some of the experts I have learned from so far 

I was lucky enough to spend some time with Claire Brown from Plant Passion at the start of my growing journey who taught me everything I needed to know about sowing and then pricking out seeds.

And when I realised she has two video on these very topics so I thought I’d share her with you here:

1. Sowing Seeds

So, first you sow your seeds. I use my kitchen windowsill for all my seed germination, and when the majority have germinated, I move them to my greenhouse.

If you don’t have a greenhouse, you can keep them inside to continue to grow until they are ready to put out, but make sure they are out of direct sunlight and turn them around every day to prevent the plants becoming ‘leggy’ ie long, thin, weak-stemmed plants as they lean towards the sun.

Once you’ve planted them, you’ll find that usually within 10-14 days, you’re ready to ‘prick them out’. (My Cosmos was waaaay quicker than this thought and germinated in about 3-4 days!)

This simply means separating out the little seedlings so that they have room to grow and establish their root system. This helps you create strong little plants ready to put out into the garden when they are ready.

2. Pricking Out


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