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The Gathering

Let us gather, we women who want to create.

In days gone by women would meet around the campfire. To weave, to sow, to bake bread, to tell stories. Together with their sisters.

Now it’s our turn. To design, to paint, to build, to write. To build your business, to focus, to play, to stretch or sow. To unfold our hearts through our work. Because we can’t not. You are a CREATRIX.

Each Monday, you’ll be sent a short video designed to get your creative juices flowing.

Then each Tuesday from 9am to 1pm UK we each find a space where we can be uninterrupted and log into zoom.

Together we will centre ourselves, attune to the beautiful feminine energy that we are now part of and quietly do our thing. Together.

Consider it a gift to yourself.

To your work, to your life and the people that love you.

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Please note - if you a are member of The Flower Club, please log into The Secret Garden to find your 50% discount code.


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