Stocks - Brompton Lady Mixed

Stocks - Brompton Lady Mixed

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Upright branching flower spires.

Type: Biennial or Annual

Height: 45cm

Spacing: 30cm

Site: Full sun

Seeds: approx 50

You have a number of choices for sowing:

1. Sow in September onwards for planting out in unheated glass/ tunnels over winter for early Spring harvesting under cover.

2. Sow in February/March under cover for planting outdoors after the last frost date (May/June) for Summer harvesting.

3. Sow in July for harvesting under unheated glass/tunnels in late Autumn.

Light aids germination so cover with vermiculite.

Pinch out tips when around 12cm high. Thin to 4-5 of strongest shoots per plant. Requires support with crop netting. Cut when spikes are one third open.

When the plants are large enough to prick out, you should be able to see that there are two distinct colours in the seedlings. Light green plants should be kept (they are the doubles), the dark greens are the singles and should be discarded.

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