Here's everything you need to get ready before you even open a packet of seeds - and you can find the written instructions below in the meantime.


March Sow Together Video

Please note - although some of these seeds can be direct sown into the ground, I ALWAYS start some off under cover too - personally I don't have much luck with sowing into the ground, but that could just be me! So try both and see what works best for you in terms of the under cover space you have available, the time you have to molly-coddle your seeds when starting them under cover (!) and your climate and personal preference.

Please also note the timings as some need to be sown LATE March.

Here is the video for your Cosmos...


And your Helianthus....



This herb is loved by bees and produces edible blue flowers and leaves on hairy stems. Perfect foliage for your posies and self-seeds profusely.

50 seeds (approx)

Start under cover any time in March or direct sow from April to July. Sow seeds 1cm deep. Prick out when the first two true leaves appear and move into 9cm pots. Plant seedlings into garden when soil warms, from around the end of March once they are big enough.

Final Spacing: 30cm

Pinch: No

Position: Full sun

Height: 60cm

Harvest: Flowers April – July

Icelandic Poppy

Beautiful splashes of colour to be woven into any posy or jam jar arrangement. If sown Spring they should flower the same year then produce flowers again the following year.

400 seeds (approx)

Start under cover in September - November by sprinkling onto surface of compost for Spring flowers or direct sow onto soil from March to May onto the surface of soil for Summer flowers. Thin to final spacing when a few cm tall. Leave to self-seed.

Final Spacing: 20cm

Pinch: No

Position: Full sun

Height: 45cm

Harvest: Flowers March - August. Cut and deadhead to encourage more flowers and sear stems ends in boiling water for 10 seconds after cutting for increased vase life.

Evening Scented Stock

With four-petalled mauve flowers that open in the evening to give off a beautiful scent,, make sure to plant some under a window just for you as well as adding to your cut flower patch.

225 seeds (approx)

Rake soil to a fine tilth then sow seeds directly into rows 6mm deep. Choose a time when heavy rain is not predicted! Light aids germination so do not cover. Thin to 8cm spacing then to final spacing. Sow every 2 weeks for flowers all Summer long.

Final Spacing: 22cm

Pinch: No

Position: Full sun

Height: 45cm

Harvest: Flowers June – August

Sunflower Lemon Queen

Soft lemon-yellow flowers - this is a branching variety of sunflower and makes an excellent cut flower. This is a bushy perennial plant so will flower year after year - great for the back of a border.

10 seeds (approx)

Start under cover in late March by sowing into individual 9cm pots. Pot on as they grow then harden off and plant seedlings into garden in late May or after last frost. Protect well from slugs.

Final Spacing: 1m

Pinch: No

Position: Full sun

Height: 150cm

Harvest: Flowers July – October

Cosmos Purity

Airy white flowers and the more you cut, the more they grow.

Cosmos is the most productive plant in any cut flower patch and a great filler flower or perfect as a bunch all by itself.

75 seeds (approx)

Start under cover in late March and any time in April by sowing into individual 9cm pots or modules. Cover lightly. Pot on as they grow then harden off for 7-10 days and plant seedlings into garden in late May or after last frost. Alternatively, direct sow in early May.

Final Spacing: 30cm

Pinch: Yes when 20-30cm tall

Position: Full sun

Height: 100cm

Harvest: Flowers July - October

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