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What's the easiest way to start?

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I've put together monthly Flower Kits so you can grow alongside me and the rest of our Floral Project members - this way we all get to sow, grow and give together.

Take a look here.

What if I have never gardened before?

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That's fine - you'll be amongst many other newbies, you'll get inspired by others further ahead on their journeys in our community and I'll give you full instructions! And in a couple of months, you'll no longer be a newbie!

What flowers can I grow this month to start my cut flower patch?

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This simple guide will recommend 10 flowers to start your cut flower garden this month:

10 Flowers

Do I need a greenhouse?

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No, you don't:) All seedlings can be placed out into a sheltered spot in the garden if you don't have access to a greenhouse or a cold frame.

But you could :)

This blog post and video explain my current set up and how that evolved.

Have I left it too late to get involved?

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Not at all! There are seeds you can sow every single month of the year for a cut flower garden so any time is a perfect time to get started.

What if I'm an experienced gardener?

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We'd love to have your expertise in our community! You might just not be able to source the seeds you want right now, you might have better things to do with your time than figuring out what works best as a cut flower. Our kits make it super-simple for you.

Do I need a big garden?

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No, we have people growing only in pots in their patios and people growing in gardens that are half-an-acre in size. Obviously the more garden you have, the more flowers you can grow but as long as you have a handful of pots or can find a couple of metres of garden bed (or create them!), you'll be able to grow The Floral Project seeds.

What do I need apart from seeds?

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Basically, a flower bed or pots that get 6-8 hours sunshine a day (or just light if you live in Scotland!), compost and something to sow your seeds into (which can be as basic as a used yoghurt pot). You might also need flower pots but I'll let you know more (and where to get what you need online) while you wait for your seeds. I do my best to provide the most affordable solutions.

Who do I gift my flowers to?

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We'll cover that while you wait to get started - there are plenty of people who don't have much colour in their lives that would love to receive the fruits of your floral efforts - I'll help you find them.

What if I want to grow just for myself?

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Of course you can join us! What happened to me is that I started to grow for myself, got hooked, starting finding extra bits of garden to plant in and then quickly realised I had way too many flowers for my own house - and hence the idea to gift my flowers. Whether you're growing just for yourself, for the bees or for others, you are most welcome to join us.

Can I buy a Flower Kit as a gift for a friend?

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Yes! What a lovely idea. You can find all our Flower Kits here and just make sure to enter their name and address in the delivery details - we'll send it out to them with full sowing instructions.

Flower Kits

SUPPORT FOR CURRENT floral project growers

Where's my order?

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If you have ordered this month's Flower Kit, your order will be with in 2-3 working days. If you have ordered next month's Flower Kit, it will be sent out to you in the first week of that month - for example, if you order the December Flower Kit on 15th November, it will sent to you in the first week of December

If you join the Flower Club before the 15th of any month, you'll receive that month's Flower Kit within 2-3 working days. If you join after the 15th of any month, your first Flower Kit will be sent out at the start of the next month.

For all orders, I'll email you to let you know as soon as it goes in the post so you know it's on its way.

I've lost my sowing instructions!

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No problem - you can find all our Flower Kit Instructions here:

I've got seedlings!! What do I do next?

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Congratulations!!! Take a look here to see what to do next: Flower Kit Flower Kit Instructions

Where can I find the Floral Project Facebook Community?

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I'd like to cancel my Flower Club

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Of course, we'll be sad to see you go. Would you consider pausing your subscription rather than cancelling altogether? That way you can pick back up when you're ready.

To pause or cancel your subscription, please just login here to do that.

If you prefer to cancel, please note that this must be done before the 28th of the month, otherwise your next Kit will be prepared and starting to make its way to you - and we'll only be able to stop your Kits from the following month.

When you cancel, you will also lose access to The Secret Garden straight away (it's a technical thing but our system checks you're an 'active' member before it will allow access and as soon as you hit 'cancel' or 'pause', you're no longer 'active')

All that said, please just email us at if you have any problems or questions so we can help you.

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