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My name is Nicola Bird and I’ve been in love with flowers my whole life. But when I discovered the damage to the environment created by the traditional cut flower industry, I thought I had to simply give up having beautiful blooms to brighten my kitchen table and my daughters’ desks.

But then I realised there are a particular flowers I could grow in my back garden that are perfect for the vase. I made it my mission to learn everything I could about how to grow them and I've been creating my own cut flower patch in my small 2 x 1m flower beds, full of beautiful, seasonal, ecologially friendly flowers.

However,  I got hooked! I began growing more than my daughters' desks could handle so I reached out to a local charity to donate some of my flowers and The Floral Project was born.

Our community of Floral Project gardeners all around the UK is growing every day and there we share tips, pictures to inspire and heart-warming stories of the difference a simple bunch of flowers can make to our lives and those of others.

As I’ve been spending time in the garden over the past few months, I’ve found a solace in nature. The act of sowing seeds, watching nature do its thing regardless of the latest news stories and the hope for the future that comes with planting a garden has surprised me with it’s therapeutic nature.

I’m so grateful flowers found me in 2020. I hope they find you too.

My daughter Tilly is currently interning with me so you'll see her writing blog posts, taking care of the website and putting together our little seed envelopes, learning how a business works from the inside-out.

And finally, my grandmother, Nora. She's not here in body but I like to think being honoured in spirit through this project. 

She taught Floral Art in Askham Bryan College of Agriculture and Horticulture In Bedale. She also practiced Ikibana, which is the Japanese art of flower arrangement influenced by the time she lived in Manila.

And I have many memories of being taken by her to gardens filled with flowers as a tiny child. I think she would raise a glass to this project.

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