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Catch-Up Cut Flower Patch Weekend - 19 & 20 February 2022

Catch-Up Cut Flower Patch Weekend - 19 & 20 February 2022


Our next Catch-Up Cut Flower Patch Weekend is 19th and 20th February - all are welcome!

This is the perfect time to join us as we all dig out our hardy annual seed packets and all sow together.

All online and completely free to attend - join in whether you're a seasoned gardener or have never sowed a seed in your life. 🌸 🌸 🌸 🌸 🌸

Saturday 19th 

10am Sowing

Video will be posted inside our Facebook Group to show you how to sow any hardy annual seeds that you have. Get your compost ready and your seed trays washed with hot soapy water and let's all sow on that Saturday!

2pm Growing

Livestream - I will go live inside our Facebook Group (internet speed willing) from my little greenhouse to show you next steps with anything you already have growing. Come to the group at 2pm and you'll be able to ask me questions and share my greenhouse with me!


Sunday 20th

11am Giving

Live Q&A call - join me on zoom to ask me any questions you have about sowing, growing or giving your flowers. Here's the link to register:

Between now and then

  • Join the Floral Project Facebook Group as that's where all the action is! Make sure you answer both questions when you request to join.

  • Track down any hardy annual seed packets you have lying around. I'm going to be sowing some from Flower Kits past but the same principles will apply to any hardy annual seeds you have. Not sure if the ones you have are hardy annuals? Google it! Need some more? Visit the store.
  • Get your (preferably peat-free) compost ready and wash all your seed trays/ yoghurt pots/ food containers in hot soapy water so they are clean, fresh and ready-to-go

  • Get yourself some plant labels! Biggest newbie error 'Oh, I'll remember that I sowed calendula in that seed tray'. You won't.

  • Clear off your windowsills! We're going to start germinating all seeds inside - you can do them inside an unheated greenhouse if you absolutely have to, but preferable in your kitchen where it's toasty and warm.

Looking forward to sowing, growing and giving together!

PS don't worry if you're already busy that weekend, you can always follow along and sow whenever you want to after that weekend:)

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Everything you need to create your own cut flower patch - even if you've never done it before.

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