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Dahlias - The Ones I'm Growing - 2021

Dahlias - The Ones I'm Growing - 2021

Many of you have asked me which dahlias I'm growing in my own cut flower patch this year - so I thought I'd create this visual post for you.

Some of these I grew last year and so the pictures below are of my own flowers. Some I have not grown yet but will be this year, and so I've had to make do with finding you a stock image that's as close to the real thing that I can find - not all are perfect so do click through to see them all as they really are!

I've linked each of these images to where I have bought them in the Sarah Raven store so you can find the exact same ones I'm growing from.

Full disclosure: Sarah Raven may pay The Floral Project a small commission if you end up purchasing through one of these links (thanks Sarah helping us grow The Floral Project!) - and please rest assured I am only recommending the ones I have grown before and am excited to be growing this year myself in my own garden.

I hope you decide to join me - any you order now will probably be delivered in March - just in time for us to start potting up them and getting them ready to produce a late Summer/ early Autumn bevvy of beautiful flowers.

Sowing (well, planting as these are tubers,, not seeds!), growing and giving together.

Cafe au Lait
Bishop of Auckland
Chat Noir Omega
Mango Madness Jowey Mirella
Gerrie Hoek Nicholas
Happy Single Kiss Jowey Winnie
Karma Choc
Waltzing Mathilda
Rip City Sam Hopkins
Wine-eyed Jill Penhill Dark Monarch
Penhill Watermelon David Howard
Unknown Name from Last Year! Cafe au Lait Royale


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