the floral project

Learn something new this Summer. Get in the garden and learn how to grow cut flowers to fill your house and give them to those who need them.


1.6 million people in the UK are over the age of 85.

Feelings of isolation and loneliness are all too common amongst older people in particular and can often be accelerated due to ill health, lack of mobility and bereavement. It quickly spirals and soon older people can lose their confidence to get out of the house and socialise.

Imagine if they were gifted a weekly posy of home-grown flowers.

To remind them that an appreciation of beauty, love and the feeling of being alive are available to all of us, no matter what.

Never before has the feeling of community been stronger. Never has the need bring lightness to the lives of the vulnerable seemed more important.


Getting our children off their devices is easier said than done but in helping them enjoy getting their hands dirty in the garden, we hope to encourage a life-long relationship with nature and the outdoors.

We want to eventually work with local families. primary and secondary schools across the UK to take children through planting a seed to nurturing and caring for it, to seeing a flower bloom, to cutting it and arranging it to give to the elder members of our community.

Whether it's sowing seeds, picking flowers or taking photos of them on their phones, helping children appreciate the value of being in nature and nurturing a living thing means at least they're outside for part of the day!


Imagine a whole bunch of us around the UK, giving over a patch of our gardens, balconies or patios to the growing of bee-friendly flowers, chosen to be perfect for the vase – and growing them together - even if you've never grown flowers before.

Giving back in a way that brings beauty, environmental benefit and meaning into our lives and those of others.

I’m still learning my way, but I’ve already learned a heap and I’d love to share that with you, if you’d like to join me this summer.

We may get to give away our flowers this summer to those who need them. We may not. But we’ll have learned a whole heap, got to connect with like-minded others and we’ll have a head-start on next year:)


My name is Nicola Bird and at the start of this year, I started learning how to grow my own cut flower garden in my small 2 x 1m flower beds.

I quickly realised that I’m growing more than I can use, or give to friends and family and it struck me that there are people in my local village who could really benefit from being thought about in the way that the giving of fresh flowers represents and The Floral Project was born.

As I’ve been spending time in the garden over the past few months, I’ve found a solace in nature. The act of sowing seeds, watching nature do its thing regardless of the latest news stories and the hope for the future that comes with planting a garden has surprised me with it’s therapeutic nature.

I’m so grateful flowers found me in 2020. I hope they find you too and you decide to join us.

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