Getting Started – Planning the Garden

Above you can see the fancy plans for my garden that my son, Ned created for me on his i-Pad:) However, up until this point, I’ve been making do with drawing my beds out on pieces of paper.

Here’s how:

  1. Measure your space

  2. Draw it out onto a piece of paper

  3. Decide if you’re growing Sweet Peas (they need somewhere to climb either up a wall or in pots) – if so divide part of your paper into 15 x 15cm squares for those.

  4. Decide if you’re growing Dahlias. They will need 75 x 75 cms so allocate some of your space for those.

  5. Divide the rest of your space into 30cm squares – this will be our general rule for all other plants – although you can get more detailed with your dividing by looking for the plants you're planning to grow here, each shows the space it needs to grow.

  6. How many squares do you have? This is how many plants you’ll have come the summer – all going well! 

Head over to Instagram and share how many plants you’ll be growing to give this summer – remember to tag me @the.floral.project and use the hashtag #thefloralproject to make sure I see your post!


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