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The Flower Club

🌸  Sow, grow and give cut flowers with my monthly seed box- even if you've never done it before

💝 £30 each month - stay as long as you like

🌱 Free Delivery

🌼 Over 45,000 Orders Sent With Love So Far

Use WELCOME10 to save 10% on your first box

I received my Flower Kit yesterday and it was the most beautiful thing I ever received. The idea of giving flowers makes me so happy. Thank you Nicola for this beautiful opportunity and I love and appreciate seeing all of your photos everyone. The flowers are looking stunning - Kate

Want to grow your own cut flowers to fill your own house and give to others but want it to be as simple as possible?

The Floral Project Flower Club has been created to provide you with high quality seeds every month, which means we can grow our flowers for the vase together - without you having to think about what to do next :)

Each month, you'll receive a new Flower Kit containing 5 different seed packets, the very same seeds I'm growing in my own garden, carefully selected to produce flowers for the vase. This way you can sow month-by-month, along with me and everyone else in The Flower Club. 

If you're just starting out with The Floral Project, this is the easiest way to get started. Sidestep the overwhelm, the 'Which seeds do I sow when?' question and grow alongside all our other Floral Project members sowing exactly the same high quality seeds as you - and cheering on your progress as they grow:)

Please note: we can only ship our Flower Kits to the UK (excl. Northern Ireland).

what's in the box?

To celebrate summer, inside your first Flower Kit, you'll find seeds for sowing five beautiful flowers that will form the cornerstone of your cut flower patch - all hand-picked for sowing in April and May.

China Aster: (Violet) Not to be confused with the daisy-like Asters, these are tall and have a  peony-like ruffled flower. This variety is a vibrant violet colour and will bloom all the way to the first frosts.

Calendula: Pale yellow and orange flowers with a tinge of red - these are great for jam jar posies and will vigourously self-seed.

Zinna (Pink): These easy-to-grow gorgeous pink flowers on long sturdy stems will create a pop of colour in your posies.

Strawflower (Mixed): Also known as Paper Daisies or Everlasting Flowers these pale pink flowers can be used both fresh in posies and really come into their own as dried flowers that can extend your floral giving into the Autumn and Winter.

Nicotiana (Mixed): Also known as Ornamental Tobacco, these tube-like flowers in white, pink and red have a wonderful scent.

Don't worry if you don't know what all these flowers are - my job is to figure our which seeds we are all sowing each month to create a beautiful cut flower patch so you don't have to. Take a look at the pictures and trust me :)


We don't just send you the seeds and let you get on with it.

All Flower Club members also receive access to The Secret Garden online portal - packed with flower guides, grow-together videos, live Q&A calls, posy challenges, 50% off upcoming workshops and more.

I'm invested in your success. The more flowers that are grown, the more flowers that are given. And that's the point of us :)

I'll provide instructions so you know exactly what to do with them and then as each seed becomes a seedling, and a flower ready to cut and put into jam jar posies and bouquets to fill our houses and give away, we'll all be doing it together.

special bonus

When I started my own cut flower patch, I was hesitant to cut my flowers because then....well, you wouldn't have any flowers, right?

Not true.

Not with all flowers anyway. Which is why I wrote the The Floral Project Guide to Flower Harvesting - available to all who order our May Flower Kit.

This simple printable guide will let you know which of your flowers you MUST keep cutting if you want them to bloom all summer long, which have only a short flowering window, and which are a 'once and done' flower.

All you need to do to get this extra bonus is get yourself into the Flower Club today.

how does it work?

The Flower Club is currently open to new members so let's get you in and set up for flower-growing success!

You'll make your first payment today and the May Flower Kit will be sent to on the 1st of May so we can all sow together.

After you receive your first set of seeds, you'll be automatically billed £30  on the 1st of June and we'll put your next Flower Kit in the post then (this one will have Canterbury Bell, Foxglove Sweet Rocket, Icelandic Poppy and Sweet William seeds) - and again on the 1st of every month thereafter, each box containing five packets of seeds. You can cancel or skip a month at any point.

And month-by-month, we'll create your cut flower patch together and before you know it you'll have armfuls of flowers like those you can see in my picture above.


I had so many questions when I started growing flowers and although google was great, I found myself following advice from growers in the US that didn't make sense in the UK climate, or flower farmers who were growing on a huge scale compared to what I was up to in my back garden.

So I created that space for you.

You'll be invited to join our Floral Project Community where you can ask questions, get inspired about places you could possibly donate your flowers, share any tips you pick up along the way and of course show off all your beautiful flower pictures!

This is where you get to feel part of something bigger - with wonderful warm-hearted people - all sowing, growing and giving together.

what's different about us?

We're not your typical seed company.

The Floral Project is a tiny little business with a big vision: To help our members sow, grow and give a million posies between us all each year to those in our communities that need them.

There's just me and my husband, Matt, doing all the things. Whilst juggling 3 teenagers, 2 cats, 3 chickens and a dog.

We're all growing the same seeds together. Every one of you is special to us. And, along with every small business, we really appreciate each and every one of you more than other larger companies might be able to.

I print out your names and read them through - because you are a 'real person' not just 'a customer'. I look forward to getting to know you on our Q&A calls. There's love that goes into every box that goes out the door. 

You're here because you want to grow to give. You're our people. 💕


What if I have never gardened before?

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That's fine - you'll be amongst many other newbies, you'll get inspired by others further ahead on their journeys in our community and I'll give you full instructions! And in a couple of months, you'll no longer be a newbie!

What do I need apart from The Flower Kit?

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Basically, a flower bed or pots that get 6-8 hours sunshine a day (or just light if you live in Scotland - yes we do have plenty of Scottish growers!), compost from the garden centre and something to sow your seeds into (which can be as basic as a used yoghurt pot).

Do I need a greenhouse?

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No, you don't:) All seedlings can be placed out into a sheltered spot in the garden if you don't have access to a greenhouse or a cold frame. Plus see this article for alternative.

How much space will I need?

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It really depends whether you grow with us all year round, or whether you decide to skip some months. Over the year we sow 5 different packets of seeds each month, so 60 different varieties over the whole year. If you grew one of everything, you'd need around 4m x 1m of growing space. Personally, I usually grow 4 of everything so I would need 16m x 1m of growing space - it's really up to you!

Can I grow in pots and containers?

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Yes, we have plenty of growers who don't have a garden and instead grow all their Floral Project seeds in pots on their balconies and patios. Most cut flowers can get quite tall so just be prepared for that and you'll want to think about using bigger pots so they're not too top-heavy and topple over!

Who do I gift my flowers to?

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I can help you with ideas for that - there are plenty of people who don't have much colour in their lives that would love to receive the fruits of your floral efforts - I'll help you find them.

What if I want to grow just for myself?

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Of course you can join us! What happened to me is that I started to grow for myself, got hooked, starting finding extra bits of garden to plant in and then quickly realised I had way too many flowers for my own house - and hence the idea to gift my flowers. Whether you're growing just for yourself, for the bees or for others, you are most welcome to join us.

Can I buy this as a gift for a friend?

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Yes! What a lovely idea. You can find all our Flower Kits here and just make sure to enter their name and address in the delivery details - we'll send it out to them with full sowing instructions.

What's your cancellation policy?

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You can pause or cancel your subscription at any point either using our member portal, or emailing us to ask us to do it for you. We do ask that you do that before the 23rd of the month, just so we don't get your box all ready for posting on the 1st if you don't need it. That's it!

Please note: If you do cancel and then decide to rejoin, you will need to do so on our new price of £30 a month.

I still have questions

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No problem, just contact us here and we'll get back to you as soon as we're back in from the garden!

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