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Also known as Farewell-to-Spring, each plant will provide a succession of up to a dozen stems of deep pink silky shimmering bowl-shaped 4-petalled flowers. 

Start under cover any time between September and February by sowing onto the surface of moist compost and covering lightly.

Prick out when the first two true leaves appear and move into 9cm pots then plant seedlings into garden in late March when ground has warmed.

Alternatively, direct sow seeds in late March or April. Thin to final spacing when a few cm tall.

Type: Hardy Annual

Needs light to germinate: No

Position: Full sun

Height: 30-75cm depending on variety ( Flower Club seeds are 40cm)

Final Spacing: 22cm

Pinch: Yes when 15cm high

Deer-resistant: Yes (but they'll eat anything if really hungry!)

Can grow in containers: Yes

Hardiness: H6 (-20 to -15)

Harvest: Flowers July-September. Cut when first few flowers on each stem begin to open.

Will be available as part of The Flower Club.

Look how beautiful she is




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