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100 Posy Challenge Invitation

If you're up for setting yourself an ambitious and fun challenge this year, I'd like to invite you to join our Floral Project Posy Challenge.

It's completely free to join and the aim is to pick, arrange and donate either 10 or 100 posies, bouquets or jam jars from your own garden over the course of this Spring/Summer between May and November.

Here's how it works:

Leave your details below so I know you're up for playing the game and choose your challenge.

(If you want a little reminder as to why we're doing this, watch this short clip of The Floral Project on ITV news.)



Start small if this is your first year, or go crazy - it's totally up to you. You can always swap from the 10 to the 100 challenge if you find yourself with more flowers than you know what to do with (that's what happened to me in my first year!)

If you're going for 100 then over 28 weeks that means if you can give just 3 posies a week - you'll smash the target!

I'll email you with a little motivational email and tip each week of the challenge to keep your garden flowering all the way through the summer.

And, as you're a member of The Flower Club, I'll send you some Floral Project stickers to add to your posies to keep track of your progress as thank-you for taking part.

Remember - don't take it too seriously - or beat yourself up if you don't reach your goal - this is all about playing the game and perhaps growing more than you thought possible.

I hope you decide to join us as we kick off at the start of May.

Let's grow together.

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