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Many of us have a heart-felt desire to give back to others  but despite our best intentions, it's all too easy for each day to go by and yet again we haven't taken action.

The Floral Project offers a simple step-by-step cut flower sowing, growing and giving course to help you use the resources you already have -  your garden - and contribute to your community at the same time.

Giving back in a way that brings beauty, environmental benefit and meaning into our lives and those of others.

Gardeners all around the UK are starting their own floral projects and creating a cut flower patch and growing flowers to give. I'd love to invite you to join us.

You'll be amazed how much YOU grow as create your own floral project and where the next twelve months will take you.

my floral project

My Floral Project is a free, year-long beginner's flower sowing, growing and giving course. You’ll progress from bare earth to a garden full of blooms over the next 12 months as we grow together.

And when you give away to giving away your first posy of flowers and see the smile on the recipient's face, you'll just want to keep going!

The next intake will begin on Friday 24th July and starting then you'll receive an email from me every Friday.

You'll know exactly what to sow when, and what to do with your seedlings once they start growing - I'll create step-by-step videos and we'll all grow together.

You'll learn the core flowers to grow that are perfect for the vase and how to produce the most flowers possible for your posies.

Which I'll show you how to create and where to give.

floral focus

Simple jobs for the weekend so your flowers will love you as much as you love them

flower facts

Learn some horticultural geeky stuff so you can show off to your friends

floral firsts

Celebrations of your first seedling, first flower and first posy given

your guide

My name is Nicola Bird and I'm a flower junkie:)

As I’ve been spending time in the garden over the past few months, I’ve found a solace in nature. The act of sowing seeds, watching nature do its thing regardless of the latest news stories and the hope for the future that comes with planting a garden has surprised me with it’s therapeutic nature.

I've learned a heap about growing and constantly have my hands dirty:)

I'm currently studying Horticulture with the Royal Horticultural Society and generally obsessed with all things in the garden - and cut flowers in particular.

One thing I found when I started was that I was overwhelmed. I'd walk out into the garden and try to figure out what I needed to do next. What do I plant? When do I plant it? What the f*ck is a biennial anyway?!!? So put myself together a list of reminders, tasks that tied in with the season and week so when I pulled on my wellies, I knew exactly what I was up to out there today.

My Floral Project is my sharing of that what-do-do-when reminders with you.

I have created my own cut flower patch in a corner of my garden and I'll be sharing the progress of that with you as we grow together over the next 12 months.

I look forward to getting to know you and your garden better!


"This has been the loveliest project in lockdown - we’ve learned loads and seeing flowers appearing from seeds that we’ve down has made us happier than I’d have ever known. Slowing down to the sound of life - that’s what it’s felt like!"


I'm a seasoned gardener - can I join? Of course, you can use the weekly prompts as reminders to keep you on track with your cut flower growing.

Is there a cost to join? No, it's absolutely free.

Why is it free???!!! My mission at The Floral Project is to grow as many cut flowers to give as possible. I only have a certain amount of room in my own garden - so I need you and your gardens to get involved too! My hope is this course helps as many people as possible to start and continue growing because the more we grow, the more we give. The Floral Project is funded by our Flower Kits, which are designed to help make it even easier for you to follow along, but you can totally do this course without them.

I have never gardened before and don't even know what I need to get started. That's OK, we have plenty of newbies! I'll send you a proper breakdown of this in your welcome email, but basically as long as you have at least one garden bed to dedicate to cut flowers which gets the sun for the majority of the day, or pots on your patio, you can join us.

Can I do this with a friend? Of course! Just use the sharing buttons to the left or bottom of this page and they can sign up to receive their own course. We will have a whole community of you growing together too so you can share pictures, floral firsts and inspiration.

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The next intake starts Friday 24th July. Sign up today and receive your next steps to do while you wait in your welcome email.

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