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How To Sow, Grow & Give Cut Flowers

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Join Me Online. Let's Grow Together.

In this workshop containing a series of bite-sized videos I'm going to take you step-by-step through the exact simple process I use to sow, grow and give flowers for the vase, whether you're a complete beginner or a seasoned gardener who wants to turn their hand to growing flowers.

When I began growing flowers, I had never sown a seed before in my life. And yet in my first year of growing, I managed to give away over a hundred posies to people in my local community that were lonely and isolated. 

Since then, thousands of flowers have been sown, grown and given by the many people that grow along with The Floral Project, many of whom had never grown flowers for the vase before.

I recorded this workshop to share with you everything I wish I'd known when I first started, in the hope of showing you how simple, heart-warming and rewarding this process can be.

So whether you would like to grow flowers to fill your own vase, gift posies to family and friends or donate to those in your local community that could do with a smile; How To Sow, Grow & Give Cut Flowers is the perfect place to start.

What YOu'll learn

By the end of the workshop, you will know:

  • Which seeds to sow, how to sow them, what to do when they germinate and when to plant them out into the garden

  • The cycle of the flower-growing year(and realise why NOW is the perfect time to start your own cut flower patch)

  • When and where to cut your flowers for the longest vase life

  • How to condition and wrap your flowers so they look beautiful

  • Why you might want to give your flowers away and who to give them to


I will also give you The Floral Project Supply List: a printable, clickable supply guide to all the kit you need to go from seed to bouquet (there's not much, but it is essential). 

Plus you'll also receive my 10 Flowers To Start Your Cut Flower Patch Guide so you'll know which seeds are perfect to begin with this month.

In summary, this is everything I wish I'd had when I began.

Here's to armfuls of flowers from your garden.

Nicola x


How long is the workshop?

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The workshop is pretty thorough so it lasts just under two hours. It is broken into bite-sized videos so you can work at your own pace, though I do recommend that you watch the whole thing through in one go, if you can.

My hope is that you get so excited by the prospect of growing your own flowers that you hoover it all up right away and get started!

What if I have never gardened before?

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That's fine - you'll be amongst many other newbies who take this workshop and are amazed by the results they achieve. And in a couple of months, you'll no longer be a newbie!

Do these flowers need a sunny spot?

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Yes. Most of the flowers we grow for the vase require 6-8 sunshine a day at the height of summer. So this might not be the right project for you if you only have access to a shaded garden.

It might be time to get inventive - do you have pots and containers you can move into the sunshine? Do you have a neighbour or member of your family that might lend you a patch of their garden?

Where there's a will, there's always a way!

And in case you might be wondering - yes, we have many Scottish growers :)

How much space will I need to grow my flowers?

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It totally depends on how many flowers you want to grow. Most of the flowers you'll hear me talk about on the workshop required around 22cm spacing so as long as you have more than that, you're good to go!

Can I grow in pots and containers?

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Yes, we have plenty of growers who don't have a garden and instead grow all their flowers in pots on their balconies and patios. Most cut flowers can get quite tall so just be prepared for that and you'll want to think about using bigger pots so they're not too top-heavy and topple over!

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