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Flower Kit - October

Flower Kit - October
Flower Kit - October
Flower Kit - October
Flower Kit - October
Flower Kit - October
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Want to grow your own cut flowers to fill your own house and give to others?

In this Flower Kit, I've kept it simple by selecting seeds for five of the easiest-to-grow, perfect cut flowers for the vase and posies to give away - hand-picked for sowing in October.

If you're just starting out with The Floral Project, this is the easiest way to get started. Sidestep the overwhelm, the 'Which seeds do I sow when?' question and grow alongside all our other Floral Project members sowing exactly the same high quality seeds as you - and cheering your progress as they grow:)

I'll provide instructions so you know exactly what to do with them and then as each seed becomes a seedling, and a flower ready to cut and put into jam jar posies and bouquets to fill our houses and give away, we'll all be doing it together.

If you're a Floral Project 'old-timer', you already know how simple the Flower Kits make it to get involved simply with minimal brain-power!

In October we'll be sowing

Sweetpeas, Scabiosa, Lavatera, Snapdragons and Cerinthe.- these are all hardy annual seeds that we'll sow in October, then either plant out into the garden or keep them under cover where they will over-winter, growing strong roots under the ground then springing into action early next year to give Spring blooms.

The good news is you can also save some of each packet to sow again in Spring - ensuring flowers extending right the way through the summer.

Don't worry if you've never heard of some of these (I hadn't before I started) - these five flowers will become part of your cut flower staples and you'll get to know them inside-out as we all grow together.

Number of seeds in each packet (numbers are approximate):

Sweet peas High Scent: 20

Scabiosa (Purple): 50

Lavatera (Silver): 100

Cerinthe: 15

Snapdragons (Mixed colours): 50

Your October Flower Kit will be sent out to you in the first week of October with full instructions - all in our beautiful packaging, which makes it an ideal gift too.

Postage and Packing is included.

Please note, the October Flower Kit is also available as part of The Flower Club - where you'll receive a discounted price for this kit.

I hope you decide to grow alongside us in October.

PS. I can only currently supply this to those in the UK.

P.P.S. We do reserve the right to place any of the seeds above with a suitable alternative if growers run out of stock.

"I received my Flower Kit yesterday and it was the most beautiful thing I ever received - thank you Nic ❤️ I live in Cornwall and I have a smallish garden but I am on a waiting list for an allotment so my fingers are crossed that when the time is right, I will be able to have more space to grow flowers. I do not consider myself a gardener- I have always bought plants rather than grown from seed but since lockdown we have started a small vegetable patch and I'm keen to extend this for flowers. I may have to get a bit more creative for space but oh well! The idea of giving flowers makes me so happy. Thank you Nicola for this beautiful opportunity and I love and appreciate seeing all of your photos everyone. The flowers are looking stunning." - Kate

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Just to let you know!

The August Flower Kit is now available in the store :)

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