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sow. grow. give.

Want to grow your own cut flowers to fill your own house and give to others but want it to be as simple as possible?

The Floral Project Flower Club has been created to provide you with high quality seeds every month, which means we can grow our flowers for the vase together - without you having to think about what to do next :)

Each month, you'll receive a new Flower Kit containing 5 different seed packets, the very same seeds I'm growing in my own garden, carefully selected so that you can sow them that month, along with everyone else in The Flower Club. 

If you're just starting out with The Floral Project, this is the easiest way to get started. Sidestep the overwhelm, the 'Which seeds do I sow when?' question and grow alongside all our other Floral Project members sowing exactly the same high quality seeds as you - and cheering on your progress as they grow:)

Please note: we can only ship our Flower Kits to those in the UK Mainland.


All Flower Club members also receive access to The Secret Garden- packed with flower guides, grow-together videos, live Q&A calls, posy challenges, 50% off upcoming workshops and more.

I'll provide instructions so you know exactly what to do with them and then as each seed becomes a seedling, and a flower ready to cut and put into jam jar posies and bouquets to fill our houses and give away, we'll all be doing it together.

No idea where you might donate your flowers? I'll help you figure that bit out too - but let's get those flowers growing first!

You'll also have access to our Floral Project Facebook Community so you can share your pictures and be inspired by the other warm-hearted and like-minded people who are all growing to give.

I received my Flower Kit yesterday and it was the most beautiful thing I ever received - thank you Nic.

The idea of giving flowers makes me so happy. Thank you Nicola for this beautiful opportunity and I love and appreciate seeing all of your photos everyone. The flowers are looking stunning.


I don't think there is any greater pleasure than being able to flower arrange ( something I have been doing since I was a child) for the first time with my own cut flowers from the garden grown from seed. These heavenly beauties are simply divine! I never imagined I would be able to grow all of these myself and just how much joy and smiles they would bring to me and everyone I have gifted them to!


I get a sense of peace and purpose. Peace because of the process and nurturing the plants from seed and purpose because of what the end goal will be to give but also because I just love the interest it has cultivated in me as a person. It's such a good project and great bunch of people.


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