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Sow, Grow & Give Flowers Supply List and 10 Flowers Guide

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Please note I may be paid a small commission if you end up purchasing through the links below - all of which goes back into our mission here at The Floral Project so thank you very much!

Remember, you don’t need everything to start, so I have broken this into two sections; the kit you need to get started and then everything else.

Don’t forget to download your 10 Flowers Guide here too.

As a reminder, I’d love to have you as part of The Flower Club and simply send you all the seeds and hold your hand as you sow, grow and give together with all of us.

Simply click on each item to be taken to an online store to purchase the same items that I use.

What You Need To Get Started:


Compost - I use Sylvagrow by Melcourt ( I have linked to it on Amazon here, thought it often cheaper in your local garden centre).

40-cell module tray and/or quarter size trays with gravel tray


Garden Marker Pen

9cm pots

What You Need As You Get Going:

Raised beds

Big bags of compost - great if you have a lot of new beds to fill!

Mini-Greenhouse - don't forget to weigh it down and tie it to a wall or fence!

Walk-in Greenhouse - again, don't forget to weigh it down!

Horticultural fleece - throw this over your seedlings and plants when it goes below zero

Netting to support your plants - stretch this over your raised flower beds to support them to grow with long strong stems. You can learn more here.

Please click here to download a copy of this Supply List.



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