The Flower Club
The Flower Club
The Flower Club
The Flower Club
The Flower Club
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The Flower Club

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The Floral Project Flower Club has been designed to help you sow, grow and give cut flowers along with everyone else here as we all do the same - in the most affordable and no-brainer way possible!

Don't worry if you've never grown flowers before - this is the perfect moment to start - and we'll hold your hand every step of the way - there's nothing like the sense of achievement when your first flower blooms :)

As part of The Flower Club, you'll receive our monthly Flower Kit - no need to figure out what to sow when, just wait for your box to arrive and then grow alongside me and the rest of The Floral Project step-by-step as we all grow together.

I keep it simple by selecting seeds for five of the easiest-to-grow cut flowers each and every month, the same ones I'm sowing myself, perfect for the vase and for posies to give away - this month they are all hand-picked for sowing in October.

Ammi visnaga: Tall plants with airy white lacy flowers make the perfect foliage accompaniment to your arrangements. 200 seeds (approx)

Cerinthe: This purple-green foliage coupled with dark purple flowers is totally unique and particularly good as a cut flower when sown in Autumn. 8
 seeds (approx)

Malope: Rose, crimson and white trumpets of flowers on long stems. A staple of the cut flower garden. 170 
seeds (approx)

Orlaya: Lacy white flowers, these flourish with an Autumn sowing and will give you early summer flowers – a perfect filler flower for your posies.
 13 seeds (approx)

Scabiosa: Also known as Pincushion flowers,these lavender flowers on long slender stems are pretty when fresh but their seed heads are also great for drying. 60 seeds (approx)

If you're just starting out with The Floral Project and growing your cut flower patch, this is the easiest way to get started. Sidestep the overwhelm, the 'Which seeds do I sow when?' question and grow alongside all our other Floral Project members sowing exactly the same high quality seeds as you - and cheering on your progress as they grow:)

I'll provide instructions so you know exactly what to do with them and then as each seed becomes a seedling, and a flower ready to cut and put into jam jar posies and bouquets to fill our houses and give away, we'll all be doing it together.

The October Flower Kit will be sent out to you in the first week of October with full instructions so we can all grow together - all in our beautiful packaging, which makes it an ideal gift too.

Free shipping.

You'll also have access to our Floral Project Community so you can share your pictures and be inspired by others who are all growing to give.

Feeling all warm and fluffy already:)

I hope you decide to grow alongside us.


How does it work?

You'll make your first payment of £12.95 today and October's seeds will be sent to you right away, ready for sowing at any point this month - so we can all grow together at the same time.

While you wait for them to arrive, I'll let you know some simple actions you can take so that you're ready to go as soon as they arrive - and to help you get clear on who you might be growing them for!

After you receive your first set of seeds, you'll be billed £12.95 again on the 1st of November and then on the 1st of every month - and receive a new Flower Kit containing a different set of 5 seeds through your letterbox at the start of each month (for example, we'll be sowing Touch of Red Calendula, Icelandic Poppies, Snapdragons, Dill and Violas in November).

You can cancel or skip any month before the 23rd of the month before from inside our portal - I'll let you know what's coming up.

I do hope you decide to join us as we all grow together.

PS - We can only ship our Flower Kits to those in the UK (excl. Northern Ireland).

"I received my Flower Kit yesterday and it was the most beautiful thing I ever received - thank you Nic. I live in Cornwall and I have a smallish garden but I am on a waiting list for an allotment so my fingers are crossed that when the time is right, I will be able to have more space to grow flowers. I do not consider myself a gardener- I have always bought plants rather than grown from seed but since lockdown we have started a small vegetable patch and I'm keen to extend this for flowers. I may have to get a bit more creative for space but oh well! The idea of giving flowers makes me so happy. Thank you Nicola for this beautiful opportunity and I love and appreciate seeing all of your photos everyone. The flowers are looking stunning." - Kate


What if I have never gardened before?

That's fine - you'll be amongst many other newbies, you'll get inspired by others further ahead on their journeys in our community and I'll give you full instructions! And in a couple of months, you'll no longer be a newbie!

Do I need a greenhouse?

No, you don't:) We've figured out clever ways to get round the 'not having a greenhouse' problem - mainly by growing the perfect seeds at the perfect time of year.

But you could :)

This blog post and video explain my current set up and alternatives.

Have I left it too late to get involved?

Not at all! There are seeds you can sow every single month of the year for a cut flower garden so any time is a perfect time to get started. This Kit has been designed for anyone who wants to take the first step on their own Floral Project today.

What if I'm an experienced gardener?

We'd love to have your expertise in our community! You might just not be able to source the seeds you want right now, you might have better things to do with your time than figuring out what works best as a cut flower. Our Flower Kits take the thinking out of it for you as we send you everything you need and nothing that you don't.

Do I need a big garden?

No, we have people growing only in pots in their patios and people growing in gardens that are half-an-acre in size. Obviously the more garden you have, the more flowers you can grow but as long as you have a handful of pots or can find a couple of metres of garden bed (or create them!), you'll be able to grow The Floral Project seeds.

What do I need apart from seeds?

Basically, a flower bed or pots that get 6-8 hours sunshine a day (or just light if you live in Scotland!), compost and something to sow your seeds into (which can be as basic as a used yoghurt pot). You might also need flower pots but I'll let you know more (and where to get what you need online) while you wait for your seeds. I do my best to provide the most affordable solutions.

Who do I gift my flowers to?

We'll cover that while you wait to get started - there are plenty of people who don't have much colour in their lives that would love to receive the fruits of your floral efforts - I'll help you find them.

What if I want to grow just for myself?

Of course you can join us! What happened to me is that I started to grow for myself, got hooked, starting finding extra bits of garden to plant in and then quickly realised I had way too many flowers for my own house - and hence the idea to gift my flowers. Whether you're growing just for yourself, for the bees or for others, you are most welcome to join us.

Can I buy a Flower Kit as a gift for a friend?

Yes! What a lovely idea. You can find all our Flower Kits here and just make sure to enter their name and address in the delivery details - we'll send it out to them with full sowing instructions.

Our Story

My name is Nicola Bird and in 2020 I asked my husband for flowers for my birthday. He asked me if I knew the impact of the cut flower industry on the environment.

I didn't so I researched and was so upset by what I learned that I vowed never to ask for flowers again.

But then I realised - what if I grew my own?

I began learning how to sow and grow and created my own cut flower patch to fill mine and my childrens' desks during lockdown.

Soon I had more flowers than we could use, so I decided to donate them to a local charity.

Others saw what i was doing and fell in love with the idea and wanted to do the same.

And so The Floral Project was born.

Sow. Grow. Give.

That's what we do:)

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Just to let you know!

The August Flower Kit is now available in the store :)

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